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Equestrian Treat

PURE : Sharing Nature

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Chevallove Equestrian Treats
are a great encouragement
before training, and the
best reward after work.

Handmade in Quebec

No added sugar

100% natural,
non-GMO, vegan

Keeps your hands
and pockets clean

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Local Ingredients

Our products are made primarily from locally harvested fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Our flavors adapt to harvests and seasons according to the available resources so as to follow the rhythm of nature. Our unique formula offers a natural concentrate of what horses can eat in the wild.

No processed ingredients

We only work with raw natural plant-based ingredients. No stabilizers or preservatives are added, and we do not use any chemical treatments. All our ingredients are guaranteed GMO-free.

Zero waste

Our recipes are designed to avoid any waste of raw materials. In addition, we use reusable and recyclable containers.

Circular economy

We make it our duty to optimize the use of plant resources while reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to the well-being of humans and animals.

We produce our treats without waste, by enhancing the value of edible materials neglected by the industry.

Developing in a sustainable way is our contribution to doing our part for future generations.

Nothing gets lost, everything comes back to life!

– Chevallove

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The equestrian treat your horse will love!

PURE Equestrian Treat comes as the result of the encounter between a horse and its human, combining several natural ingredients to the delight of horses and riders alike. Its unique formula offers a concentrate of what horses can eat in the wild. Naturally scented, it has a recognizable scent that is reassuring and appealing to horses.

Dense and compact, PURE Equestrian Treats are crumb-free, and leave no oily residues to stain clothing. Hygiene is preserved right down to your fingertips!

Designed to withstand temperature variations during transport and seasonal changes, PURE Equestrian Treats keep well in hot or cold weather, without fear of premature aging.

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